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Silpro - Location
Silpro - Location

SILPRO remains dedicated to providing meaningful value to our Floor Preparation, Concrete Repair, and Masonry customers through product depth, performance, and availability - all at a competitive price and backed by superior technical support and personalized service. Time is short, speed is essential!

Headquartered in Ayer, Massachusetts, SILPRO is a leader in flooring preparation and concrete/masonry repair products. Our success is based on our single-minded dedication to customer satisfaction. SILPRO offers consistently high quality products and unsurpassed industry knowledge, service and technical assistance, creating complete solutions that improve service life and reduce cost. All our products are based on our intimate understanding and appreciation of the issues, problems, and concerns faced by the floor prep and concrete/masonry repair industries. And our staff is uniquely able to answer questions, offer advice, and solve problems. This, and our core belief in treating others fairly and the way they want to be treated, has driven our success since 1951.

Manufacturing: Unlike several competitors who outsource manufacturing, SILPRO’s in-house manufacturing allows us to control the entire process from raw material to finished goods.  We enjoy an experienced, dedicated, cross-trained work force with over eleven years of average service.

Quality System: SILPRO applies proven practices to embed awareness of quality in all organizational processes. This Total Quality culture provides an umbrella under which everyone in the organization is dedicated to achieving customer satisfaction through continuous improvement of the production of goods and services. 

Research & Development: SILPRO offers extensive R&D capabilities with the experience to develop new products and support field technical issues.  Our comprehensive R&D lab leverages our customer knowledge and robust design philosophy to create new products that provide real compelling value (superior quality, reliability, ease of use, performance and price) in a variety of demanding environments.

Silpro - Location

Field Support: SILPRO’s Application Engineers and R&D department are readily available to assist customers in solving problems in the field and achieving desired results in the most demanding of applications.  Involving us early to assess the job conditions can make the difference between doing it right the first time and costly rework.

Industry Educational Seminars:  SILPRO, in concert with other leading industry partners, offers continuous education programs to commercialize our combined industry knowledge and best practices to insure successful installations.

The SILPRO Commitment

The growth and success of our customers is our highest priority. In conjunction with our distributor partners, we strive to provide you with meaningful value through product depth, performance, and availability - all at a competitive price and backed by superior technical support and personalized service.  


2 New England Way
Ayer, MA 01432-1514
Telephone: 978-772-4444
Toll Free: 800-343-1501
Facsimile: 978-772-7456
Email: office@silpro.com